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" But in my (entirely subjective, I know) experience, the media have been pushing the opposite message for a long time.

In my experience, books, magazines and TV shows are constantly showing us 40-something celebs having babies, and implying that this is normal now (those reports rarely ask if the celebrity Mom needed someone else's eggs).

I am one of these statistics: I had three children after I turned 35, the last born when I was 40.

I was also told three years ago that I had a low ovarian reserve.

Millions of women have done it without difficulty- you're one of them Millions more have tried and encountered severe diffculties- my wife was one of them (we eventually dopted a little boy).

But that doesn’t mean a woman in her late 30s won’t be able to get pregnant, just that it might take a few months longer.

Fertility doctors concentrate so much on age because the techniques they use—such as IVF—have markedly lowered pregnancy rates among older women.

Fortunately, these new statistics suggest we won’t have to wait as long as we thought… My last one just graduated from high school (I'm 58). I don't know what books or magazines you read, or what TV shows you wathced or what doctors you consulted.

and then we’ll get to be called an “elderly primagravida.” Roll up your support hose! I'd love to hear stories on all sides—those who had children after age 35, those who had problems doing so (and why), and those who had children when they were younger and were happy (or unhappy) they didn't wait. My Mom delivered me in her early twenties, and she had my youngest brother in her late thirties. MAYBE you were bombarded with gloomy prognostications.

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