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It has one big advantage over Skype — you can have a video chat with up to 10 people at a time on Hangouts for free, while anything above two people requires you pay for a Skype Premium subscription in Skype.

Face Time is only available on Apple’s own hardware — i Phones, i Pads, i Pod touches, and Macs.Apple promised Face Time would be an open standard when they announced it back in 2010, but they haven’t mentioned anything about this since.It’s Apple-devices-only for the foreseeable future. Chat services are only valuable if other people use them.Video chat services are now basically a commodity — they’re built into popular operating systems and there are many options out there.It also turns out that people don’t want to video chat all the time — in fact, many people have moved away from audio-only phone calls to texting and similar services.

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