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The General Prosecutor's office did not request witness protection for victims of trafficking in 2009.

The Government of Albania has partnered with international organizations and experts such as Dr.

In 2009, the government provided free professional training to 38 victims, provided 11 with micro-credit loans to start private businesses, and integrated five victims into schools.

In January 2010, it approved a draft law to provide social assistance to trafficking victims bridging the time that they leave the shelters until they find employment.

These working groups, however, reportedly do not always include civil society actors and do not efficiently address trafficking cases brought to their attention.

The government funds a national toll-free, 24-hour hotline for victims and potential victims of trafficking.

The government prosecuted 31 suspected trafficking offenders in 2009, convicting 11 of them; this contrasts with 26 trafficking offenders convicted in 2008 and seven in 2007.

All of the prosecutions and convictions involved sex trafficking of women or children.

Children were primarily exploited for begging and other forms of forced labor.Gilly Mc Kenzie of the United Nations and Interpol, in order to implement anti-trafficking prevention activities aimed at informing the public and vulnerable groups about trafficking.The National Coordinator's office manages regional anti-trafficking working groups composed of relevant stakeholders.Government officials have increased public attention to trafficking in Albania.There are serious concerns, however, about protection for victims who testified against their traffickers.

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