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There are stories of young Thai women being sold by their families to Swedish men and then forced into slavery or the sex trade when they arrive in Sweden.

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The Swedish berry crops have to be picked, and as in many western countries, Swedes tend not to be interested in this type of work.

Although there is no accurate data on relationship breakdown between Thai women who marry Swedish men, it is likely to be lower than the overall divorce rate in Sweden which is now nearly 55%.

One UK man living in Sweden estimates that over 85% of marriages between Thai women and Swedish men are successful.

As well as a growing number of Thai workers travelling to Sweden as seasonal workers, the number of Thai women arriving in Sweden has increased three fold over the last 10 years.

Over 80% of Thai immigrants to Sweden are relationship partners or Thai wives of Swedish men and Sweden, like Germany has a long tradition of men seeking Thai women as life partners.

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