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Pick the domain you want to change and click on the Edit at the bottom of the screen.

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"A lot of people think this only happens to dumb people, and they can tell if they're talking to a bot," says Steve Baker, a lead investigator for the Federal Trade Commission tells me. The people running these scams are professionals, they do this for a living." The scam starts with creating a chat bot, which is easier than you'd think. The Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity, or ALICE, which generates scripts for chatterbots, has been around for decades.

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Tarama Hataları sayfasını ilk görüntülediğinizde, Site hataları bölümünde üç hata türünden her birinin yanında bir hızlı durum kodu görünür: DNS, Sunucu bağlantısı ve dosyasını alma.

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