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Snapchat sorts through it to find images with faces.This is the buggiest part right now — the row of images loads as you scroll through to the right, and if you go too fast the whole thing will reset. Snapchat rolled out another big change in the update, too.Snapchat's "face swap" feature, which lets users swap faces with someone (or something) else in real time, is so popular (and unsettling) that it has become something of a meme.Now a new update that was pushed to both the i OS App Store and Google Play Store adds a whole new layer to the feature, allowing people to swap faces with images stored on their phone's camera roll.On the DSi versions of Picto Chat, a rainbow pen can be used by tapping on the pen icon again once it has been selected.Content created using the rainbow pen can be read by Picto Chat users on Nintendo DS Lite and original Nintendo DS systems.

Up to sixteen people can paint and/or text chat with each other using it, connected wirelessly through a LAN-only, system-to-system wireless connection.

The keyboard provides enough Latin and kana glyphs to write in all languages supported by the system: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese, plus Hungarian, Finnish, Portuguese and Dutch.

The pictochat system can only send messages in a radius of 10 meters.

The touch screen is used to type in letters with an on-screen keyboard or to draw and send pictures.

Messages sent from the DS or DS Lite appear in black, while DSi systems feature an additional "rainbow" pen (see the last paragraph of functions).

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