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D.) Canh dong hoang (Vietnam, 1979) Cannibal apocalypse (see Cannibals in the streets) Cannibal ferox 2 (see Nudo e selvaggio) Cannibal mercenary (Hong Kong/Thailand, 1983) Cannibali in cita (see Cannibals in the streets) Cannibals in the city (see Cannibals in the streets) Cannibals in the streets (Italian/Spanish, 1980) Cannon (1971-1976) |TV Series| Cao-Xa (Spain, 1971) Caper (see Stingray) Captain America (1/19/1979 and 11/23-24/1979) |TV| Captain Milkshake (1970) Captain’s Honor (see L’honneur d’un Capitaine) Captive (1978) Captive (1985 video release of Two, see Two) Card of fate (see Grand jeu) Care of the Spitfire Grill (see Spitfire Grill) Careers (1929) Carolina skeletons (9/30/1991) |TV| Cartel (1990) Cascadeur (see Stunt man) Casa dei coniugi Luc (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc) A case of honor (1988) A case of the crazies (see Trapper John, M. I.) Cash and carry (see Matt Houston) Cash, cash (see Finders, keepers) Castle keep (1970) Casualties of war (1989) The casualty (see Medical center) Catch a fallen star (see Riptide) Catch of the day (see Riptide) Catch 22 (1970) Catcher (see Street justice |TV Series|) Catfight (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer) Catfish in black bean sauce (1999) Cau chuyen lang dau (Vietnam, 1977) Cau Rach Chiec (Vietnam, 1985) Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea (see Simon & Simon) Cause for concern (see Trapper John, M.D.) Cay bach dan vo danh (Vietnam, 1994) Cay xuong rong tran cat (Vietnam, 1983) Caza en Vietnam (see Tornado) El cazador (see Deer hunter) Cazadores (see Open season) Cease fire (1985) Celkeresztben (see In the line of fire) Centerfold murders (see Matt Houston) Centre en feu (see Lua trung tuyen) Centro in fiamme (see Lua trung tuyen) Centurions (see Lost command) Cercle noir (see Stone killer) Cerna kronjka (see Dog day afternoon) C’est Simon (see Simon & Simon) C’est un crime (see Nhu the la toi ac) Cet ami la (see Nguoi ban ay) Cette terre n’est pas isolees (see Mien dat khong co don) Ceux deja rencontres (see Nhung nguoi da gap) Ceux qui ne portant pas d’armes (see Nguoi khong mang sung) Ceux qui ouvrent la route (see Nnung nguoi ma duong) Ch-ch-changes (see CSI : crime scene investigation) Chained to yesterday (see Limbo) Chaleco de acero (see Full metal jacket) Challenge (2/10/1970) |TV| Challenge the wind (1990) Champ (see A-Team) Champs desertiques (see Canh dong huang) Chan dung mau do (Vietnam, 1989) Chances are (see Human target) Change of face (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|) A change of heart (see Trapper John, M. T.) Death stalk (see Matt Houston) Death took no holiday (see Song do) Death train (see Airwolf (second series)) Death trap (see Matt Houston) Death watch (see Matt Houston) Deathcheaters (Australia, 1976) Deathdream (Canada, 1972) Debt of honor (see Street justice |TV Series|) Debt of love (see Duyen no) Dechirure (see Killing fields) 17o |ie.) Deadly three (see Enter the dragon) Deadly tide (see S. (see Heaven’s prisoners) Drossel kann sprechen (see Magpie that can speak) Drug buster (see Snake eater II) Dschungelratten (see Jungle rats) Du sollst nicht toten (see Vietnam, Texas) Du sollst nicht toten …ausser (Thou shalt not kill) Dua con bi tu choi (Vietnam, 1980) Dua con ke tu thu (Vietnam, 1992) Dua con lai (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi) Dua con va guoi linh (Vietnam, 1986) Duane Barry (see X-Files) Duckman (3/5/1994-6/7/1997) |Animated TV Series| I Due para (Italy, 1966) Due soldati (see Hai nguoi linh) Due vite, un destino (Italy/W.

For series where only selected episodes mention Vietnam, only the relevant episodes have been listed. I.) A & E mystery movie (see Silent witness) A Baixada dos Dinosauros (see Nudo e selvaggio) A bout de course (see Running on empty) A casa degli sposi Luc (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc) A fond la fac (see Back to school) A l’appel du front (see Tien tuyen goi) A la recherche de Mr. Goodbar) A l’epreuve du feu (see Courage under fire) A nord, Hanoi (see Phia bac thu do) A-Phu couple (see Vo chong A Phu) A scuola con papa (see Back to school) A-Team (1983-1986) |TV Series| A-Team is coming! D.) Bacchanale (1970) Back from the dead again (see Street justice |TV Series|) Back in the world (see Miami vice) Back to life (see Ve doi) Back to sand village (see Ve noi gio cat) Back to school (1986) Back to the front (see Tien tuyen goi) Back to the land of sand-laden wind (see Ve noi gio cat) Back to the native village (see Duong ve que me) Back to the sand village (see Ve noi gio cat) Backbeat (see Street justice |TV Series|) Backfire (1987) Bad attitude (1990) Bad breaks (see Trapper John, M.

Mc Askill, La Salle University This bibliography includes citations for reviews and criticism of all known theatrical films, television movies, and television drama series related to the Vietnam War. D.) Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (West Germany, 1972) Ai xuoi Van Ly (Vietnam, 1997) Aigle de fer (see Iron eagle) Aigle de fer III (see Aces: Iron eagle III) Ain’t gonna get it from me, Jack (see Simon & Simon) Air America (1990) Air America (10/1/1998-5/1/1999) |TV Series| Air Force BAT 21 (see BAT 21) Air Force one (1997) The airline stewardesses (see The stewardesses) Airwolf (1/22/1984-3/29/1986) |TV Series| Akran (1969) |Experimental film| Alamo bay (1985) The albatross (see Trapper John, M. Breitengrad (see Tren vi tuyen 17) Amant (France/Great Britain, 1992) Amante (see Amant) Amargo retorno (see Bus Riley’s back in town) Amazonia, la jungle blanche (see Inferno in diretta) Ambulances tous risques (see Mother, Jugs and Speed) Ambush (1992) America, America, dove vai?

PDF files with bibliographic citations for individual films or television programs are accessible via the hypertext links in the title list below. (see Medium cool) Americain bien tranquille (see Quiet American) American boyfriends (Canada, 1989) American college (see National Lampoon’s Animal house) American commandos (1985) American dream (see Airwolf) American dreams (9/29/2002- ) |TV Series| American eagle (1989) American eagle (1982) (see Deadly encounter) American gangster (USA, 2007) American graffiti (1973) American justice (see Jackals) American love thing (see Tom) American nightmares (see Combat shock) American ninja (1985) American soldier (see Amerikanische soldat) American wardog (see Mannigan’s force) American warrior (see American ninja) American way (see Riders of the storm) Americana (1981) Americano feo (see Ugly American) Americano impasible (see Quiet American) Americano tranquillo (see Quiet American) Amerika (1987) |TV| Amerikanische soldat (West Germany, 1970) An den Ufern des Ben Hai (see On the banks of the Ben Hai) An den Ufern desselben Flusses (see Chung mot dong song) An Khe (see West wing) Ancestral altar of an actress (see Ban tho to cua mot co dao) Ancient echoes (see Simon & Simon) Ancient eyes (see Stingray) And a child shall lead them (see Airwolf) And everything nice (see Raven) And for loyal and devoted service (see Trapper John, M.

) |Video| Better tomorrow III (see Ying hsiung pen se III) Betty Grable flies again (see Simon & Simon) Beverly Hills assault (see A-Team) Beverly Hills nightmare (see Bone) Beverly Hills, 90210 (10/4/1990-5/17/2000) |TV Series| Beverly Woods social club (see Matt Houston) Bewegliche Ziele (see Targets) Beyond suspicion (1994) Beyond the call (1977) (see Bionic woman) Beyond the call (6/23/1996) |TV| Beyond the call of duty (Philippines, 1991) Beyond the Doors (1989, c.

1984 as Down on us) Beyond the Sea (Germany/Great Britain/U.

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