Annie clark and david byrne dating

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What -- is he going to pray for the national debt to go down?

We've got to get past the Luddite, the earth is 6,000 years old, way of thinking in this country.

"I'm very excited that people will finally get to hear the record." Not, she adds, that she expects to be topping the bill at Madison Square Garden anytime in the near future. It's all about placing one foot in front of the other, going places incrementally." While writing Strange Mercy, Clark conducted an unusual experiment.

"This is my third one and I've been doing this for 16 years now, when you add together the time from when I first started playing guitar. She rented a room in Seattle, turned off her cell phone and went cold turkey internet. Unplugging was a disorientating experience -- but it helped make the album the disorientating joyride it is. "It is wonderful and at the same time totally chaotic. I realised how much of my life is usually spent looking at a screen.

She's just put out her third LP as St Vincent and it might be the one that sees her finally crack the mainstream.

Already, Spin Magazine has splashed her on its cover and arranged for highbrow comedian/author Julie Klausner to interview her.

We really do." If you are familiar with the angular, introspective music Clark records as St Vincent, a conversation about the fanciability of a prominent right-wing politician will likely strike you as the far side of surreal.

On record, Clark sounds like Kate Bush trapped inside a Sufjan Stevens song while someone in the adjoining flat slaps on their favourite Bjork LP.

"I remember having a friend in junior high school who gave me a baptist version of Christianity. It's there in the background rather than something you may yourself personally believe. Meanwhile, her Dublin show has been upgraded from the Workman's Club to The Button Factory.It's quite a progression from her last headline date here when she performed to a three- quarters-full Sugar Club.As her bashful laughter attests, that isn't Clark at all.Rested up in a Manhattan recording studio, she projects quiet resolve and girl- next-door charm.

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