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Its military has been defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan and stretched to the limit...Politically, the US is virtually in a state of civil war." He further stated that "As the US and the West suffer defeat at the hands of Muslims in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and elsewhere, they will become more oppressive toward Muslims living in their midst." He also stated that the decline of the United States "offers a great opportunity for Muslims to reclaim the high moral ground in global politics and lead errant humanity to its salvation.""I want to send this clear message to this Satanic power whose representatives are hiding in that building: that your days are also numbered; you will see.... And when America goes, Israel goes, because Zionist Israel is dependent on America.krewedelusion’s 7th Annual post parade party * open to the public * On The Night of Delusion, Saturday, January 23rd, 2016, immediately following episode 7 of krewedelusion’s annual parade; the public is invited to Cafe[…] Membership is now open for The Night of Delusion January 23, 2016 – including our episode 7 parade.Contact & join an existing innerkrewe by perusing the About tab.Guise of Fawkes honors arrested anons, whistle-blowers, and[…] DJ Soul Sister’s “Krewe of King James: The Super Bad Sex Machine Strollers” will be debuting in the krewedelusion parade, February 15, as Soul Sister reigns as the 2014 parade queen.Inviting all fun people[…] MELISSA “DJ SOUL SISTER” WEBER TO RULE OVER krewedelusion, NEW ORLEANS AND EVERYTHING ELSE!

That is what makes them racists, that is what makes them inhuman, that is what makes them barbarians." “Allah willing, I see that day when we, the Muslims, will march on Palestine and liberate Palestine for all the people in the world. Speaking to reporter Michael Valpy, Bangash said that the mosque was packed and that "The congregation was thrilled by the result".

For the Jewish people, for the Christian people and for the Muslim people, and under Islamic law they will all be living as equal citizens.” At an Al-Quds Day rally held in August 2013, Bangash stated that Queen's Park has become a "Zionist occupied territory" and that charged that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne "are leading Canada in the wrong direction." Bangash also called for the rally's participants to "continue to speak for the Palestinians under oppression" until "all of Palestine is liberated from Zionist occupation" and predicted that "Zionism will be eternally shamed." Bangash has criticised the Taliban and Osama bin Laden by saying their strategy was "the most stupid approach to take because you cannot convince the U. Following the 9-11 attacks a Mennonite pastor, Gordon Alton, contacted the mosque. Zafar Bangash doesn't agree with American foreign policy nor do millions of Canadians.

Bangash, in his words, "stretched the rules of Islam" to the limit and asked Alton to preach at the mosque.

He argues that suicide bombing is an act of desperation by a people who do not have the tanks, aircraft and advanced weaponry – "it's the Israelis who have them, they are using them, and people under occupation have the right under international law to resist their occupiers." He also claimed that suicide bombers usually attack military targets. to change its policies; you have to change your own situation in Muslim countries." He has also criticised Bin Laden's call for jihad against the West saying "An individual cannot issue a jihad...

At an Al-Quds Day Rally at Queen's Park in August 2011, Bangash stated that "This black man in the White House, Barack Obama... Only highly qualified scholars respected through the Muslim world can do that, not somebody sitting on some mountain." Bangash told the Toronto Star that when his Richmond Hill mosque opened, he and his congregation "went out of our way to contact the neighbours, contact the churches, Jewish groups, all kinds of people.

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