Can save money consolidating my student loans

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The amount will be recalculated yearly based on updated income information.

Income-Based Repayment Plan Pay 10 percent of your discretionary income monthly. You should have a high debt relative to your income for this plan.

Your loan servicer pays off your old loans and gives you a new loan in their place.

For federal loans, this is known as a Direct Consolidation Loan.

You’ll need to make repayment arrangements, either for the loan in default or for the new Direct Consolidation Loan.If your original loan wasn’t a Direct Loan, you can switch to a Direct Loan through consolidation.However, a Direct Consolidation Loan won’t keep any unique borrower benefits your original loans have, like interest rate discounts and rebates.For instance, since the rates are averaged, consolidating a low-interest-rate loan with a high-interest-rate loan might make you pay more overall.Your best bet is to consolidate loans with similar interest rates. Department of Education has a detailed chart showing which loans earn the best consolidation benefits. Standard Repayment Plan Pay your loan off in 30 years, with fixed monthly payments.

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