Consolidating business processes

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Mergers occur when one company buys another in an attempt to consolidate market share and increase production output.Organizations may choose to consolidate operations to reduce the number of active business departments.ERP software for SMEs Exact Globe structures your business processes on a single platform, consolidating information flows for greater efficiency.The solution integrates a broad range of administrative processes, such as finance, sales and service.For example, the following are several challenges when a company merges with or acquires another company: While companies are often aware of these challenges before they engage in their M&A due diligence, they typically fall short on execution in addressing them.We typically are hired several years after a merger or acquisition, and often times after several M&A transactions, when the pain becomes too obvious and disruptive to the business.Learn more about our ERP consulting services (including ERP business blueprint development) and find out how we can help your organization through this your implementation process.

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Topics include ERP software selection, implementation project management, organizational change management, business process management and post-implementation benefits realization.

Below are just a handful of operational, organizational, and technical issues that should be defined in an ERP business blueprint: Once these items have been defined for the overall company, M&A integration becomes much more efficient and results in higher business benefits.

In the shorter term, it helps companies with multiple business units gain efficiencies through standardization.

Organizations usually spend copious amounts of time reviewing business operations and deciding whether or not to consolidate or merge operations.

Business consolidations are usually the process of combining multiple business departments or two organizations (merger) into a single business operation.

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