Consolidating debt without hurting credit

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This requires some serious planning and discipline but here is what we did.

When you get credit card offers, look at the credit limit and the "introductory offer" (0% on balance transfers for 6 months...etc).

When the "introductory rate" period is ending, look in your mailbox for yet another introductory offer from someone else.

In fact, with a good credit score, I'll wager you get low rate offers in your mailbox every day.It will have a temporary impact of lowering your score. The FICO impact isn't necessarily a reason not to do it, it's more a matter of being aware of how it may impact your score and how long it may take to move back to your previous score.If you aren't planning any major purchases for which a few points on your score will matter, then it shouldn't be your overriding concern at this point.. If you "need" credit to get by each month, stop and go back to #1-- make a budget, reduce expenses, and increase income.The link you posted is not offering debt consolidation.Debt management plan-- a structured repayment for those who need to negotiate a hardship plan with creditors.

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