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Elahi said if young people with physical needs do not have the financial means to get married, Shi’a Islam allows them to enter a temporary marriage under preconditions they set in order to avoid engaging in haram (religiously forbidden) sexual activities.“In a marriage foundation we would have people who are trained and educated in matchmaking.

They would talk to the youth and get their ideas and expectation and help them to find the right partner,” he said.

Their honor is in stake, they will be known as whores, if they even try to get with a nonarab men.

Arab women are made for arab men, they are loyal to us unlike your women who get with nonblack people, it is called self respect, they have alot of it.

“If one of my sons came home with flowers and a teddy bear on Valentine’s Day, I wouldn’t care, but if my daughter did, I would start questioning her,” Alia said. “That means that the male and female should meet in an environment where the family is present or somehow in public, so they do not have physical contact and a sexual relationship before marriage, which would be very destructive.

The relationship should be honest and pure.” Elahi questioned the purpose of the mainstream notion of dating, as promoted by Hollywood and the media, adding that dating “for fun” could lead to the destruction of the family, unplanned pregnancies, abortions and emotional turmoil.

However, Zeinab, an 18 year-old Edsel Ford High School graduate, said the dissimilar treatment between males and females in the community is actually “sexism,” although her mother does not bar her from having a boyfriend.“When I met my boyfriend, I thought there’s no way my mother would approve of him because he’s Chaldean,” she said. But I told her after a few months, and she said she trusts me and she doesn’t mind.”However, Zeinab added that her mother still implemented limitations on her relationship.

“I have to come back home at a certain time; she is always calling, always worried that I might drink or have sex with him,” she explained. But these are the culture’s standards, and culture plays a major role in our lives. I feel like that’s what my parents used on me, and it is how I’m raising my children.”“If dating is to know the person and build commitment, then there is no problem with it,” she explained. The American perspective on dating is often sexual, and that’s the problem.” Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, the spiritual leader of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, said the version of dating that the “dominant culture” promotes is wrong and unhealthy to the concept of family.

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Fearful these men you speak of will harm them for voicing their opinions and feelings about this.Does that mean we have to give white men our women you silly person.Again arab women are made for arab men, not black men, you deusional idiot.Lol, all arabs feel that way, are you actually implying that i should hand out my women to black men?What the hell, that is not something that seems fair, again, arab women are ours, why should other men intrude?

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