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This also allows a dictionary mapping hostname to the path to certificate file.The certificates are used to verify server certifications. Any text automatically generated by Sphinx will be in that language.[1] They are matched against the source file names relative to the source directory, using slashes as directory separators on all platforms. This instance is then used to render HTML documents, and possibly the output of other builders (currently the changes builder).(Note that the template bridge must be made theme-aware if HTML themes are to be used.) A path to a certification file of CA or a path to directory which contains the certificates.There is nothing to install with the Hosted Payment Page method of integration.All you need is a working Internet connection and your store ID.Since Open Search doesn’t support relative URLs for its search page location, the value of this option must be the base URL from which these documents are served (without trailing slash), e.g.

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(A warning is emitted when a more than one glob-style pattern matches for any document.) The values can be either lists or single strings. This value can be a bool or a list of index names that should be generated.The pages displayed by the Hosted Payment Page service can be customised to suit your website style and presentation.All transaction requests must be sent to the Hosted Payment Page gateway URL: https://com/gateway/The minimum information that needs to be sent is the cost and currency for the purchase, a purchase description, your store ID and authentication key, and the return URL for your store (the URL the shopper will be sent to once the transaction process has been completed) The HTTP POST data fields that contain the basic purchase information are as follows: Test mode requests can be sent from any IP address, but live mode requests will only be accepted from a pre-approved list of IPs (the IP address details for your production systems will be required prior to any live processing) The response from the transaction request will contain an order reference and a transaction URL if the request was accepted, otherwise it will contain an error block. If the request has been accepted, then your systems should store the order reference provided (as this will be needed to query the order status later) and then direct the customer to the given URL.The Hosted Payment Page service allows your website with its own shopping system to work in conjunction with our payment service.This integration method uses HTTP request from your systems to the gateway to send the transaction details and obtain the appropriate URL to direct the customer to in order to complete the purchase.

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