Dating game improv characters

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They step behind the line at the back of the stage.

If they are in the back of the line and know the word that the sentence will end with, they may shout the last word out with them, or they can just be there for back up.

A new suggestion is taken and the same story continues.

We will continue until there is only one rapper left.

One player acts as host and calls out the audience suggestions. Players line up, and the audience provides nouns, people, occupations, etc.

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Players play until the host yells "Rotate right or Left", at which time all players rotate in the desired direction.They may change the inflection or add different punctuation, but they may not change the words or the order of them.The third person must play the scene like normal and help bring it to a conclusion. 4 players in a square; One person stands at the front as the centerpiece.They will get to pick a suggestion from the audience and finish the rap up, wrapping up the story. Two of the people have "catch phrases", two lines of dialogue each (one question and one statement) that are collected from the audience.During the scene those "catch phrases" are the only thing they can say.

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