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Letters that appear in the data and do not need to be parsed should be surrounded by single quotes (' ').

Also, if we explicitly cast values to integer in the capability part of our script, then we start getting results that may not be desirable for this program.I can find no good commonly used LCGs which use PHP-compatible values.The LCG values used in by rand() in systems like Borland Delphi, Virtual Pascal, MS Visual/Quick C/C , VMS's MTH$RANDOM, old versions of glibc, Numerical Recipes, glibc, GCC, ANSI C, Watcom, Digital Mars, Code Warrior, IBM Visual Age C/C , *all* fail when ported, for one of two reasons, and sometimes both: - In PHP on 32 bit machines and all Windows machines, $m = 2^32 or larger requires UInt or even UInt64, or the result becomes negative.- Large $a multiplied by an integer seed gets converted to a float64, but the number can be too long for the 53-bit mantissa, and it drops the least significant digits...PHP does not support unsigned Here are some tricks to convert from a "dotted" IP address to a LONG int, and backwards.This is very useful because accessing an IP addy in a database table is very much faster if it's stored as a BIGINT rather than in characters.

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