Datings after a marriage break up sixy bood sabah

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Enjoy your friends, go out with interesting people, but put all thoughts of a replacement relationship out of your mind. Much as they love you and want you to be happy, even they can't be expected to stick around if you're constantly going over the same ground. Soon you'll be amazed to find you really don't care any more.

That certainly seems to have been the case for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who had only just renewed their marriage vows when it was announced, in January, that they were separating.'In an ideal world, we'd all talk to each other when we were unhappy in our relationships, and be kind and honest when we were splitting up, taking the knowledge forward to help us build better future relationships. What we have to do is accept that we won't always know why someone rejected us and that it's not our problem if we are rejected.' Dr Spurr adds that those who choose to end a relationship without warning tend to be 'non-communicators: people who let issues build up without talking about them, to the point where they decide leaving is the only option.In many of these relationships, the partner left without explanation is a good communicator - which is why the break-up is so difficult for them.'How to survive a shock break-up1. Remind yourself regularly that the relationship ended because your partner had the problem with communicating, which was nothing to do with you. It's important that it's completely unrelated to your ex, and even better if it's something they didn't want you to do!Constant analysis Such people tend to make a shock break-up worse by insisting to themselves that they can't move on until they know why it ended.Consequently, they're still analysing the split months later, which is futile.

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