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Allow me to paddle your canoe (down the river of life)?The 8-Bit Flower Bouquet is guaranteed to never wilt and is the perfect gift for the old-skool girl gamer in your life.This is Shower Shock Bubble Bath, and every bottle contains 1200mg of caffeine ready to seep into your skin as you soak. Suddenly it will feel as though your tongue is bathed in tiny molecules of delicious chocolate. You get all the taste of chocolate, but with none of the calories or guilt. But because we know our audience, we're also stocking the coffee flavor pods, just in case you want the kick of coffee without drinking a cup. Some say love is a series of chemical reactions in the brain, but what is the result of those chemical reactions?Ion exchange causes a small electric charge to travel through the circuits in the brain creating cascading reactions of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine... This beautiful stainless-steel and silver chain necklace represents the circuitry that make up the neurochemical pathways of love.Happy Valentine's Day. This Valentine's Day, there's a non-zero chance you'll present your significant other with the trimmed colorful blossoms of magnoliophyta (aka flowers), but being a self-professed geek, your presentation options are limited.

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David Gerrold's masterpiece, 'The Trouble With Tribbles,' introduced the Star Trek universe with the cutest, most adorable, galactic menace in future history.And all these cards are blank on the inside, so you can add your own missives of love.Nothing says "I love you" like a card reading, "I could watch TV with you forever." And we really could.As a result she wrote her first book "What did you do in the War, Daddy? She has written 10 more books and several screenplays since, and lives in Los Angeles.Sabine has several successful blogs ( and works as a stylist, designer, model, translator.

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