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Francesca Gregorini, showed up with her current girlfriend." from UNTITLED FRANCESCA GREGORINI / TATIANA VON FURSTENBERG PROJECT - "Francesca Gregorini (HBO's "Motel Novella"), the daughter of Barbara Bach and stepdaughter of Ringo Starr, and Tatiana von Furstenberg ("Dracula"), the daughter of famed designer Diane von Furstenberg, have scored a script order from Paramount Network Television for a new semi-autobiographical drama about their experiences growing up at an all-girls boarding school.The project, which would revolve around four female teens with very different personalities, is set up at Perry Simon's Paramount-based banner.Gregorini, stepdaughter of Ringo Starr, had a brief fling with "Boys Don't Cry" director Kimberly Pierce after her breakup. The National Enquirer snoops report that Anne Heche hit on a girl at a Glamour magazine Power Women in Hollywood party. No, Ellen De Generes' Call Me Crazy ex hit on the former girlfriend of Ellen's latest lover, Portia de Rossi.Now hetero Heche was deep in convo with Francesca Gregorini, sources say, "telling Francesca how Ellen was such a demanding and controlling girlfriend and that it probably wouldn't work out with Ellen and Portia either." But when Anne noticed photogs and the press eying her and Francesca, she reportedly kicked it up a notch, saying, "Let's give them something to talk about" and trying to start a smooch.

“When you have the paparazzi hiding in the bushes outside your home, about the only thing you can control is how you respond publicly.De Rossi, 32, and Gregorini, who is the stepdaughter of former Beatle Ringo Starr, dated for three years, until they spilt late last year.De Rossi recently told magazine of her plans to have the tattoo removed, “I’m not saying it’s anything I regret doing, because I don’t, but it just doesn’t make any sense now.” Shortly after her break-up with Gregorini, de Rossi and talk show host De Generes became a Portia de Rossi is shedding a tattoo with her former partner’s initials, after embarking on a romance with comedienne Ellen Degeneres.The tattoo, which is on de Rossi‘s ring finger, was meant to show her commitment to her now ex-girlfriend, singer-songwriter Francesca Gregorini.

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