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'Awful First Dates," a collection of anecdotal stories by Sarah Z.Wexler, delves into the embarrassing first date stories we may have all experienced, but were too embarrassed to tell others.We have a successful working relationship and that’s the best way to go about this job,” he told Mr. Movieline asked if they had any relationship off-set: “Not really,” he said.“We’re friendly.” The Internet is filled with similar quotes that have been dissected over time.So when one of his thousand cousins suggested we get the quad bikes out, I thought it was the best idea ever.Everything was fine until I skidded in some mud and he very chivalrously decided to try and grab the bike to stop me falling off.

It's tough to admit, but we've all those bad, awkward and sometimes absolutely horrible first dates.In addition to the snort-out-loud-funny stories submitted by anonymous women around the world, Wexler interviews celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Michael Kors and Kim Cattrall and manages to get their do's and don't's during first dates.But before you start feeling bad about all of your dates, there are ways to prepare yourself for the dating world.Only I accelerated instead of breaking and ran him over.I broke his arm in three places and his aunties kept giving me evil looks until it was time for my flight home.

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