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But it will be much to their shame because President Obama invited prominent gay leaders in Kenya to both a closed door meeting with 17 civil society organizations and his public address to the Kenyan people – something none of the Kenyan leaders has ever done.

The Kenyan president and his deputy should be thoroughly embarrassed that President Obama has beaten them to meeting with their own LGBT citizens.

This is an opportunity cost for the government, and they soon realize that they really do not care for criminalization after all.

So I think that as LGBT people become more publicly visible, tolerance will increase.Unfortunately this attitude is not limited to politicians alone, it is commonplace among religious leaders and unfortunately is has become the norm.Stigma has consequences even at an individual level because LGBT youth internalize these messages, which negatively impacts their self-agency and their lives’ outcomes. This is not something that is actionable in the usual legal mechanisms, but it’s very unjust.Yet it is also important to add that at the time of that interview we had a government that was largely unbothered by our activism.With the current regime the situation is not the same.

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