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Colors’ show Devanshi is much in news these days with the upcoming generation leap in the show.The story of little Devanshi (Kashvi Kothari) will now become a story of grown up Devanshi, who will be portrayed by Swaragini fame popular actress Helly Shah.Actors Aamir Dalvi and Karuna Pandey have been playing lead roles in the show.Aamir Dalvi is an established actor and is currently working on Zindagi channel’s Bhaage Re Mann season 2.On the other hand, Karuna Pandey is seen mostly in Bollywood projects and Devanshi has given a big break for her in the TV world.

Incidentally, among his favourite actors none of the Deols figure, but yes Peter Sellers [email protected] is a definite stop-over for all Punjabi singers.

Among the most difficult parts that he has played he thinks is of the South-Indian bureaucrat in Shanghai. For in India there is no place where you can find training for accents.

I caught hold of a South-Indian willing to give up one month of his life and as I oscillated between accent and emotion; it became rather arduous.

So the actor who found his way into the hearts of audiences with his part of a degenerative lover in the much-acclaimed film Dev D, a modern take on Devdas, has no hesitation in saying that he is no fan of either the character Devdas or the book by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.

My challenge, he states, lay in creating empathy for the negative character who was no more than a MCP.

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