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My wife's left hand is now always clenched tightly in a fist...I am told that as dementia advances, the patient's body starts to regress to a foetal position.the clenched hand is an indication of what is to come.The nurses tell me things that I should know but they do so with compassion and all done with that "you have to know" look on their faces.Today we had the nurses coming in at 12.30 pm to dress her bed sores which is healing well.At 1.30pm the dietitian and physio therapist came together and a good time was had by all while trying to figure out what is to be done next for my wife to get her to fell better and fitter.An impossibility for her to do without my son and me supporting her on either side.The fact that she has lost a considerable amount of weight makes it easier for us to manage these physical tasks but the time will come soon when the wheel chair will be needed. All this attention being given to her has made her more alert and wanting to interact with whatever is going on around her...the St Vincent nurses have begun to prep me for what is to come.Now, you have the latest sex tape scandal targeting Anwar Ibrahim.

There is an issue between Cloudflare's cache and your origin web server.Rahim Tamby Chik or famously called Tamby Chik was a staunch supporter of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.Tamby Chik’s politic short-lived in 1994 after he was schoolgirl.The "rightest" thing that I have done in following my heart when doing the things that I do was when I decided that I will not want to live my life without my then girlfriend - at a time when she was 23 years old and me 21 - and so I followed my heart and asked her to be my wife. We last hugged about an hour ago, held hands a few minutes ago and smiled at one another just before I sat down to write this posting. The future I await with trepidation but we will be together through it all - that I have promised myself to do come what may.I have had many people asked how I am managing now given the condition of my wife today.

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