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However, I can say that there's about a 100% chance I wouldn't date one, because of the virtually gaurenteed emotional problems and issues she has.

Plus, the concept is an obvious turn off (you'd have to fall for them first, before hearing about it)...

That being said, it would depend for me on the circumstances.

Men will punch everything in site, even f**k a pile of rocks if they thought there was a snake under it so what is the difference, she was just smart enough to get money for iti would have to say that i agree with the bucket dude here..i have more respect for a woman that gets money for being used for sex than someone that just whores around and gets nothing in some men will spend alot of money on a date and get nothing at the end of the's a win win situation No one is "forced" into a job to pay the bills - that is just an excuse to deflect responsibility away from the person I could care less if she has been a prostitute. I would rather date a prostitute than a used car salesperson - I think hooking is more respectable.However (imaginary scenario), if I were dating a woman who once needed money for college, but was against stripping...but was a high-class escort of a legitimate non-prostitutional escort service...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Too much history that my sorry brain could not comprehend, plus the fact that I would not be able to understand the mind it takes to do that type of thing. Seems like getting involved with someone that puts herself into an unnecessary risk group is just not a very good choice for a wife. It would depend on the person of course, but my past experience has been that most women that become prostitutes did so because of their life situation, being forced to, or because of no other way to support themselves. The problem comes in the number of sexual partners someone has.

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