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If at least one dominant gene from each allelomorphic pair is present, then the flower colour is purple. If two purple plants each of the genotype Rr Ss are crossed, then what is the expected phenotypic ratio of the offspring?A disease caused by a recessive gene has an incidence of one per cent of the population.(Assume that the two pairs of genes are located on different chromosomes).


What are the differences between sex chromosomes of the human male and female?

Questions From a mating of two dihybrid individuals (e.g.

Aa Bb x Aa Bb) how many of the 16 possible zygote combinations would be expected to contain only two dominant genes?

What percentage of the whole population would be expected to be carriers of the gene but unaffected by the disease?

If a mother has blood of group O and her daughter has blood of group A, what are the possible blood groups for the father?

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