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Just this month, a British woman was stopped by airport security in Oman after they mistook her child’s phallic-shaped swimming aid for a sex toy, according to Gulf News.

In Thailand, you should bring a sense of curiosity and adventure to try delicious Thai food, visit busy morning markets, and tour Buddhist temples. Sex toys fall under Thailand’s list of prohibited goods, specifically “obscene objects,” banned from being brought into the country.

Intricate swirling, curving henna patterns dance across their hands. Arab women know how to give a smoldering glance, all the while feigning an aura of innocence. I nod, accepting my fate, but I still don’t want to sign the form. ” They don’t seem to understand what I’m so concerned about. Just sign the paper and you go.” “But is there something in the computer that says I bring stuff into the country? I let out a huge sigh of relief, and sign the document. I look at her, my eyes full of questions, hers full of secrets, as she turns and leaves the room.

Their delicate silk chiffon headscarves drape elegantly around their faces. “We’ll take care of this.” Am I imagining things, or did she just wink?

The three women across from me wear abayas embroidered with silk thread and embellished with sparkling jewels.

“Toys.” Her eyes grow big, conveying more than her words can. It’s not like this information was listed in my guidebook. Women are women wherever you are, and while practices vary from culture to culture, this constant remains true: Girls like to feel pretty.

This time she looks directly at me, willing me to understand. I remember packing yesterday, opening my sock drawer, and catching sight of the item in question. I fish out the culprit and surreptitiously hand it over. I try to make light of the situation to mask my embarrassment. “Of course you can’t bring a vibrator there,” they’ll say knowingly, like I’m some kind of naïve pervert. I can’t help but feel bad for Adul, the driver sent to fetch me. If you were imagining a country of modest, humble women, subjugated to long black identity-concealing frocks, you’d be wrong.

At least I was fortunate enough to get the lady agent. They’d both watched my bag go through the x-ray, and when they spotted my vibrating companion, I became her domain. This is going to be one of those situations I later confide about to my friends while they stare at me dumbfounded. Their long black abayas float around them as they sashay from side to side: . My customs agent is across the counter whispering with two other abaya-clad ladies.

Summer is coming, and perhaps you have a vacation planned.Even the proposed first “halal” sex shop in Saudi Arabia won’t carry sex toys – just scented candles, creams, and oils aiming to “increase feelings of sensuality and to improve the atmosphere between the couple.” While this is dependent on the individual inspecting your baggage, you do run the risk of having your vibrator confiscated.In the UAE, you’ll find iconic skyscrapers, indoor ski slopes, and palatial beach resorts. Sex toys are prohibited in the country, so carrying them into the UAE is illegal.In an opinion piece for The Washington Post, Margo Kaplan, an assistant professor of law at Rutgers School of Law-Camden, describes why the law should recognize the joy of sex in order to make progress toward real sexual freedom.According to Kaplan, this would make judges reevaluate the logic behind various laws, including sex toy bans.

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