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This feature was stopped with effect from hours of 10 March 2009, as per Department of Telecommunications memorandum dated 9 February 2009.A typical mobile number in India is " 91-XX-XXX-XXXXX".The contact telephone number can be either a cell phone or a land line, but a cell phone number is preferred because it allows the bank to send an SMS text message to your recipient. Do NOT enter “0” before the Area Code (“0” is a domestic long-distance prefix used for calls within the Philippines).How to Enter a Recipient Contact Telephone Number The Contact Phone Number requested on the Add Recipient page is in the format needed for calling from the U. The reason your recipients will often give you phone numbers in a different format is that when dialing to another area code or to a cell phone within the Philippines, they need to use the domestic long-distance prefix “0”, but when dialing from overseas, the domestic long distance prefix “0” is NOT used.

to dial Delhi from Gurgaon, one dials 9511 landline number.

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