Thai dating girls

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But whatever you do don't ever and I mean this ever put anything in her or her families names.

Don't buy a car or bike or nothing in her name, no such thing as child support or alimony here guys what is your is yours sell it and put it in the bank.

You actually have to work for it but you won't even get there because these Isaan girls will already be all over you.

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A place where foreign men can go and meet a much younger and more attractive woman than they might have been able to meet at home.Say you need to leave the country for 3 weeks and basically go on a holiday.After 1 week say that you have had some problems you've lost all your money but you still love her tell her she can stay in the apartment since it's a 6 months lease but you won't be back for another 6months.I got a very disturbing email from an acquaintance of mine yesterday basically he's crying in the email how he lost 3million baht to this Isaan girl who he had loved.He had bought her land a farm and built a new house for his misses, he could only come here a month out of the year but he was doing everything he can to make sure she and her family were happy.

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