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Donald Trump stunned conventional polling wisdom and won the electoral vote.

In turn, the GOP won enough seats to have majority control in both the House and Senate.

Just more greatness from Day Trading Radio , The video true value is in the constant reminder of staying within your strict criteria.

There are a handful of great patterns and trigger areas that algos and other machines key in on.

So we played one of the most prestigious venues in The Netherlands last night called 'Paradiso' in Amsterdam (also know as 'The Pop Temple').

Which was enough I think I'm going to sell the VBA sometime in the next few months and keep this baby (duh). So we racked up our share of votes and got in 16th, which meant that we got to play the 'Bovenzaal' (upper stage).Anyway, after the gig we partied and eventually got the train back home.Which at that moment i started to think 'we're doing our EP release on the end of June, might as well bring along my BCX'.Not much later i thought 'hell yes I'm going to bring that one along! Today in a spur of enthusiasm, i set up my Masters BCX in my living room. Enough yapping, here's the obligatory specs section and after that the pics.

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