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Mozilla ask you before it will send but internet teach me its better to be paranoia.^^@Michael - download the nightly builds with the ending ...win32and doubleclick on you can create a own profile.: later you copy all files with your own independent profilefolder to your USB stick.Create a textfile named and write as example.:start \yourfolder\-profile \yourfolder\Firefox\yourprofilefolder\ (The path to and your own profilefolder.)Change the filename from in and after that klick on - voila! Some parameters for your : With -turbo your firefox is in 1 second ready. It has some really cool plugins and themes, (though quite a few of the themes don't seem to work with FF Portable v3.0.2).

It wasn't just the time it took to load pages, but the app appeared to continue sucking resources even after the page was loaded! I'd like it to work well, as I like the zoom feature.* Tutorial *How to disable the crash report complete?

A powerful add-on system allows for thousands of specialized functions, as well as a customized look and feel.

Versions available for Mac, Android, Linux, and supports 78 world languages.

I couldn't find how to change the layout or anything. Portable Fire Fox is a useful and capable browser that allows good control of what is left on the computer (private data etc), IE7 doesn't IMHO.

However I use a script to copy the .\Data\profile contents to c:\TEMP\profile because the profile files are constantly being modified as web pages are accessed leading to a lot of undesired writing on the USB drive.

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