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Regular Expressions are supported by many languages.Sun added support for regular expression in Java 1.4 by introducing regex package.See the JDK Documentation on regex to learn more about using regular expressions in Java.Using this package I created a utility class to validate some commonly used data elements.You might consider this a cynical view, but you should probably not try to implement a very strict email validation pattern with regular expressions.The fully compliant RFC-822 email regex is nothing to be trifled with; in fact, it is a behemoth.Just register for a free API key and start testing our service. Get Your FREE API Key Integrating our Real-Time Online Email Validation API into the Javascript, PHP, Java, C#, VB.

The second is used to extract data from (complex / mangled) email strings.

Url Encoded Form Entity; import org.client.methods.

Http Client client = new Default Http Client(); String Email = "email address"; String APIKey = "your API key"; String APIURL = ""; try catch (IOException e) catch (Parse Exception e) finally ...

Regular expressions can also be used to validate that the input conforms to a given format.

For example, we can use Regular Expression to check whether the user input is a valid Social Security number, a valid phone number or a valid email number, etc.

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