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Instagram It looks like Keke Palmer has dusted the remnants of her last relationship off and has moved on to another young man.

From the looks of things, the new guy could be Diddy’s son (and Al B Sure! I know, who would ever think of them being together? Back in April, they played a “trick” on their fans by posing as a couple on social media for April Fools’ Day when they were still “just” friends (and could still be but pictures , a new film set to be released next year, a few months ago.

This relation is starts when she decides to end the dated with Rodney King and this relation was establish in 2010 and remain till 2013. It was seen that when Keke Palmer has just ending up her last relationship with Rodney King then she moved on, she started dating with a new guy, and that was the son of Diddy’s named as Quincy Brown.

Yes, at start of this relationship they have been friends for quite some time.

Just enjoy their dating details and we will sooner be telling you about their current dating status also!

She has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 1.9 years each.

It was also back in April when they played a role that is really appreciated whose pictures were worth a thousand words.

But it looks like Keke and Quincy have gotten a tad bit closer based on pictures.

While his Instagram account has more pictures of them still on set, Keke has posted other pictures of them when it’s just the two of them, And let me tell you, they are cute.

Before you get to thinking that Keke is publicly cheating on her longtime boyfriend, Rodney, let’s nip that in the bud.

They are come out together, where are taking lots of pictures!

Hope you must get answer of question of current relationship More and Keke Palmer husband engaged to married details will be updated in upcoming days as they revealed at media.

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