Who is sasha obama dating

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The newly elected president has long maintained a commitment to allowing Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, to grow up as normally as possible, and pledged that over the next four years they would also have a special area in the White House for sleepovers with school friends.

They have so far been carefully shielded from the glare of publicity by their parents.

We are just getting these so called rumors that President Obama has indicated that his daughter Malia is dating. Who is Malia Obama Dating 2016 Boyfriend rumors of her pregnancy baby father name and pictures are searched here.

(Photo by Win Mc Namee/Getty Images)OK so no one wants the Obama girls hounded by papparazzi, but the Obama administration's tight control on when it is and isn't OK to take their pictures is getting a tad ridiculous. Made from cedar and North American Redwood, the set was constructed and...So that is why she has good sense to make a relationship, before long we will get a news that will shock you.If we have a look on Micelle obama it gives us the confirmation that Malia Obama will not be single for long time.Read Full Story(Getty Images)In what can only be interpreted as a desperate attempt to keep its once-popular Beanie Babies relevant, Ty Inc.has released two new Beanies named Marvelous Malia and Sweet Sasha.

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