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Edwards said: “The wisdom of God was not given for any particular age, but for all ages.” That is what justifies, surely, our meeting.

I like the story of something that happened in Stockbridge in the year 1870.

Mc Cheyne wrote: “How feeble does my spark of Christianity appear beside such a sun.” But then he went on to say: “But, even his was a borrowed light and the same source is still open to me.” And that changes the whole perspective, doesn’t it?

So we are to look at Edwards’ life, man and the legacy.

He was born about 70 years after the Puritans had first colonized what became New England.

Did the first 12 of years of his life with his father Timothy, mother Esther Edwards. One of them, as you may well know, was Solomon Stoddard, who was the minister of the church at Northampton, the largest church, it is said, in New England.

His father was the pastor of the church at East Windsor, close to the Connecticut River. Edwards had a happy childhood, a healthy childhood, and a lot of feminine company to look after him as a boy.

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